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Bark Mulch Bulk Selections at Northeast Nursery

Bark Mulch Bulk Selections at Northeast Nursery

Mulch is a security blanket for all plants. In the winter it will insulate the roots and provide adequate moisture during the summertime heat. Organic mulch will supply nutrients and condition the soil. Depending on the kind of mulch, you will minimize the amount of weeds that can develop in the garden. Above all, if attractive, it will create a more esthetic look to the landscape. It is the frame around the landscape portrait.


Northeast Nursery supplies 5 blends of mulch, either picked up at our yard or delivered to the job site! Our premium mulch products are produced from virgin forest products. No recycled products are used in the manufacturing of any of the mulches. Whether you need 1 yard or 100 yards, be sure to contact us for a competitive price on top quality products for your landscape project. All bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard only. If you are looking for smaller quantities we have similar products available in bags. Order your materials online today we will contact you to schedule a delivery. 




   Red Hemlock

  • 100% Pure Hemlock
  • A rich, natural reddish color
  • This is not "fake" painted wood mulch
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  Premium Mix

  • A mix of hemlock and pine barks
  • Similar color to hemlcok, at a reduced cost
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  Aged/Dark Pine

  • Mix of pines
  • Dark brown, almost black in color
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Pine Spruce Mulch Mix

  Pine/Spruce Mix

  • Mix of pine and spruce barks
  • A rich brown color
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Playground Safety Mulch Boston North Shore

  Playground/Safety Mulch

  • Soft landing playground surfacing
  • Natural Wood color, meets or exceed ASTM standards for head injury criterua
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The raw materials used in the colorants are from resources occurring naturally in the earth's surface. The colorants are specially formulated to be nontoxic to plants and animals. While we make every effort to get the color-enhanced products to set up prior to shipping, it is nearly impossible for the colorant to fully cure while in this pile. Therefore, we recommend that color-enhanced mulches not be spread before or during heavy rains.


No recycled products are used in the manufacturing of any of our bulk mulches.


In order to determine how much mulch you need figure out your square footage (length x width). Once calculated divide that by 100. That will give you the quantity desired at a 2-3? depth. Need to calculate your coverage area? Click here.


The following are our retail prices.  It does not include delivery.  Delivery charge is determined by your city/town.  If you are interested in ordering mulch, contact our Retail Store at 978-535-6550 or our Contractor Center at 978-854-4520.


Bulk trailer loads are available. Call for pricing.


Pictures are presented as a guideline. Actual color of product may vary from picture due to time of year and age of mulch.




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