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Arborist Accessories 



Throw Weight & Line Combo


This economically priced throw weight and line combination includes one 12 oz. throw weight and 150 feet of 1/8” polyethylene throwing line.



Throw Weights


Aerodynamically designed throw weights to help increase range. Bags are filled with #8 shot in a tough, weather resistant Cordura nylon case. Comes with a 1” nicklet plated ring.



Samson® Zing-It


Extremely high strength, low stretch, and abrasion resistant. Available in 1.75 mm (400 lb. breaking strength) or 2.2 mm (575 lb. breaking strength).



Throwing Line Storage Bag


This bag allows storage of a throw line and single weight in one simple bag. Bags are made of 600 denier coated polyester and have a drawstring top closure. 



Big Shot


Launches a throw weight over tree limbs with accuracy and distance. Vertical distances of over 100’ are easily achieved. Unit comes complete with two 4’ fiberglass poles and instructions.



Green Laser Pointer


Easily point to out-of-reach areas in need of pruning or hazards needing attention. Shoots up to 9000’ (less in daylight). WARNING: Never point at people and always aboid direct eye contact.




Rope Snap


Standard equipment for most tree care professionals. Snap is 5” overall length and has a 1” eye and 9/16” opening. Has a locking safety latch. Rated to 25kN (5,000 lbs. tensile).



Locking Aluminum Rope Snap


Made of lightweight aluminum. Snap is 5-3/4” overall length and has a 1” eye and 3/4” opening. Has a locking safety latch. Rated to 27kN (6,000 lbs. tensile strength).



Aluminum Ladder Hook


Made from special aluminum alloy. 10” overall length with a 1” eye. Has lock lever with hook body to prevent accidental snags and openings. Hook has 1-5/8” capacity. Rated to 36kN (7,900 lbs. tensile).



Spreader Snap


9” overall in length and has a 1” eye with safety latches. 5/8” openings with snao springs at both ends. Heat treated and rated to 25kN (5,000 lbs. tensile).



Petzl® AM’D Carabiners


Available in the black ball lock system, for easy one handed operation with visual locking indicator, or the gold triact system, where the sleeve slides up while turning. Rated to 28kN (6,295 lbs.).



Petzl® William Carabiners


The William is an HMS shaped carabiner. This design is great for those who prefer a wider gate opening and more room for rope hitches and accessories. Choose from the black ball lock system, or the new gold triact system. Carabiners have a 1” opening. Rated to 25kN (5,620 lbs.).

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