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Garden Center: Helpful Hints
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CrabgrassHelpful Hints: Crabgrass Prevention

Crabgrass is the bane of every homeowner’s lawn. Luckily, there are plenty of options in order to control your turf’s mortal enemy. Crabgrass can be dealt with easily and properly if you apply preventatives in the spring to stop this weed in its tracks. The following are the products that we carry:

There are two methods to preventing crabgrass from developing in the lawn - Natural or Synthetic. Both groups need to be applied at the right time. The basic thought process is to kill the seed before or as it is germinating. If you apply to early and or late then you will get mixed results.  The best time to apply is when you see the Forsythia blooming.

Natural Products

Natural products contain high amounts of  Corn Gluten. The corn gluten is high in nitrogen and what it dose to the crabgrass seed  is burn it out before it starts developing any growth. The advantage is a natural more organic approach to lawn fertilization and conditioning your soil. The disadvantage is you apply a lot of nitrogen which will green up the lawn very quickly and possible weakening the blades opening up the turf to the possibility of diseases. Applying Corn Gluten may not prevent all of the crabgrass from developing.  Keep in mind when you go natural you may have minimal weeds in your lawn at times of the year.

We supply the following natural products:

Chickity Doo Doo™ Organic Fertilizer Derived from 100% chicken manure. It contains all the desirable benefits that have made chicken manure extremely beneficial to vegetable farmers and organic gardeners for decades. As individuals become more conscious of traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers and the long term damage they cause to the environment, the demand for family friendly and environmentally safe products continues to grow.

  • Long lasting natural organics break down slowly for steady continuous feeding.
  • Adds organic matter to soil.
  • Won't burn or leech into groundwater.
  • Ready to use - no mix or mess.
  • Safe for people, pets, & the environment.

Synthetic Products

Synthetic crabgrass controls will be more effective and last longer. Unlike Corn Gluten many synthetic chemicals will last up to 10 weeks and may even kill small seedlings as they begin to germinate. The results are typically better by this method of control.  There are two basic chemicals that will prevent crabgrass. 

  • Prevent crabgrass and still be able to plant grass seed at the same time (Scotts LawnPro Super Turf Builder With HALTS Crabgrass Preventer)
  • Prevent crabgrass and any other grass type plants. (Crabicide Green or Lebanon Team or Dimension)
Keep in mind if you are looking to reseed your lawn it is recommended that you apply the proper product. Click here for more information on seeding a lawn.

We supply the following synthetic products:

  • Weed Beater Plus RTSWeed Beater Plus RTS
  • Contact and systemic action.
  • Kills grassy broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, clover, chickweed, oxalis, dollarweed, spurge, foxtail and over 200 others. Not recommended for St. Augustine or Centipede grass type turf.
  • Combines Quinclorac, 2,4-D and Dicamba for complete post emergent weed control, right down to the roots!
  • If you apply this product you need to wait at least 4 weeks to reseed the lawn.
  • This product may not kill well established crabgrass.  It may cause the crabgrass to turn purple-red, but not die.  You may have to reapply and then wait again 4 weeks to re-seed.

  • Combines latest and newest herbicides and fertilizers to help protect you lawn.
  • While protecting your lawn, their products will give you healthy lawns with the right amount of nutrients for lush green lawns.
  • Eliminates broadleaf weeds and crabgrass as it feeds your lawn.
  • Comes in a variety of different products fitting your needs.
  • Recognized as one of the best fertilizing companies for Lawn Care.

Organic Slug Control
Sluggo & Sluggo Plus the organic slug control solution!

Printable Fact Sheet
Espoma has provided Northeast Nursery with downloadable fact sheets for common garden concerns and tips. Feeding And Maintaining An Attractive Lawn.

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Garden Center: Helpful Hints

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Click here to watch Northeast Nursery's helpful and informative videos.Click here to watch Northeast Nursery's helpful and informative videos.

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