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Plants: Ground Covers
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Jeepers Creepers.Ground Covers are plants that grow along the soil surface.  Some ground covers are shrubs or herbaceous plants. We have many to choose from in our nursery yard, such as Roses, Junipers, Siberian Carpet and more. There is one brand of Ground cover available – Jeepers Creepers™. It provides many varieties used as ground covers. They are sold in either a pack or 3-4” size pot. Availability is determined by the time of the year. Click here to use our ground cover chart to estimate what you'll need for adequate coverage. See below for helpful ground cover tips.

Click here to view our selection of herbaceous ground covers. Click here for more information on Jeepers Creepers ground covers. Click here to view our selection of ground cover roses. Click here to view our selection of ground cover shrubs.


Proper planting is important for ground covers to grow and spread rapidly. That success depends greatly on soil preparation before planting and having good drainage. Ideally, incorporating organic matter, such as compost, will help develop a healthier plant. Healthy Start Fertilizer or Planting Mix also would work well for the planting of ground covers into the landscape.

Competition from weeds following planting is common on untreated soils. Hand-weeding will eliminate this competition, but you can avoid the task of hand-weeding by treating the soil before planting. Areas with existing plants may be treated with a pre-emergent herbicide after planting. Herbicides in combination with mulch will control many weeds and grasses.

You can install ground covers year round. When planting in late Fall it is recommended that you mulch heavier during that first winter to prevent root damage. Plants should be planted no deeper than their previous growing depths and should be well watered after planting. Maintaining uniform soil moisture around the plant hastens establishment. Plants planted too deep tend to develop root disease or rot.


Proper maintenance of ground-cover plantings ensures good growth, rapid coverage and an acceptable appearance. Good maintenance promotes growth and prevents competition from weeds and grasses. The first maintenance task should be the application of a light mulch to recently planted ground covers. Mulch conserves moisture, reduces weed competition and promotes a cooler soil environment during the summer.


Plants should be well watered the first season after planting so they can develop a good root system. Established plants do not need regular watering, but may need supplemental watering during drought periods. When water is needed, apply enough to penetrate the soil to a depth of 12 inches. Check the soil twice a week to determine soil moisture.


After your ground cover is established we recommend an all purpose fertilizer. Apply it twice a year –once in spring and then again in the fall. On some ground covers the use of high nitrogen turf fertilizers is recommend to establish the area quickly.

Planting Tip
When planting trees and shrubs we recommend incorporating planting mix.

Pest Control
There are many pests out in the landscape that can damage your plantings. Learn how to combat them.

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Plants: Ground Covers

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Click here to watch Northeast Nursery's helpful and informative videos.Click here to watch Northeast Nursery's helpful and informative videos.

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