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Plants with Winter Interest

Plants with Winter Interest

Plants with Winter Interest


Plants with winter interest are noted for their ability to  brighten or add flare to a landscape during the coldest months in New England. Some are noted for their berries, some for their bark, and some for other reasons but all will add interest during those otherwise stark times of year. Keep in mind that you can continue adding to your landscape up until the first frost. Contact a Nursery Yard associate if you need any further assistance about Winter Interest Plants.



Siberian Cyprus


Frasier Fur (the classic Christmas tree)

Heather bun


Interesting Bark and Silhouettes

Red Twig Dogwood

Paperbark Maple


PJM Rhododendron


Berries & Flowers

Hollies - Viburnum and Coral Berry

Witch Hazel



Persisting Foliage, Seed Heads and Seed Pods

Ornamental grasses (Miscanthus)




Northeast Nursery can acquire almost any plant you need, so if you want to add winter interest to your garden, contact us!


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